Pole dancing as a fitness form was discovered

Pole dancing as a fitness form was discovered

Clive Coote our founder, engineers the first portable home pole

First X-POLE produced and shipped

The first X-POLE leaves HQ and finds a new home with a very happy owner.

Good 'Ol US of A

Our US office opens its doors and brings pole and aerial to America

New Digs

X-POLE UK & Europe moves into offices located in Potters Bar

Time to innovate again!

Setting the standard for creativity and innovation, X-POLE releases the X-STAGE

A revolution in Portable Pole Technology

A new and safe way to assemble poles is devised; The X-POLE X-JOINT


A leaner, lighter X-STAGE is introduced to the world

Bold, Beautiful Brass

Due to popular demand, we introduce a Brass variant of the XPERT


A new way to manage your studio and gym space is created; PoleAway

Take Your Aerial Experience Everywhere

The X-POLE A-FRAME means aerialists can now practice anywhere!

Hoops, Rings and Lyra's

Single and Dual point hoops are added to the X-POLE range

Stainless Steel Poles

Stainless Steel (great grip and minimal Nickel content) poles are added to the X-POLE range


The new style X-JOINT changes the way people pole forever!

Strength and Durability

To cope with the ever increasing demands of performers and athletes, X-POLE creates the dual-lined pole range

X-POLE Asia Opens its doors

X-POLE opens an office in Shanghai to service the ever growing Asian region

Powder Coat Pink and Black

Powder Coat finishes added to the X-POLE range

Silicone Pink and Black

Silicone finishes added to the X-POLE range

X-POLE Active Clothing

X-POLE Active Clothing is launched

X-POLE USA expands its operations

Demand for our products and services leads to bigger factory and warehouse

Twist and Go!

X-LOCK is launched worldwide!

The most advanced technology

In the world of pole fitness and pole dancing

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X-POLE is by far, top of the line! - Safety, high performance and advanced technology is what I receive from from X-POLE products. - Excellent service and recommendation is what I receive from the wonderful X-POLE staff.

X-POLE have always been a leader in safety & quality which has allowed pole dancers and aerialists to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

X-POLE products are for me the best quality in the market and fit for every kind of training. No matter the place where you train or perform, X-POLE has the perfect product to fulfill your needs. Just enjoy your training, X-POLE takes care of the rest...

X-POLE is not only one of the best quality poles in the world, but they have also changed my life! I've been using X-POLE's for the top show in the world & they always work for me the way I need them to. It’s been 5 years since I got my first X-POLE & it’s safe, bright & supportive! I can travel & perform any where I want!

The X-POLE team

The Creators, The Dreamers, The Innovators, The Brave, The Teachers; X-POLE

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