LyraPole – Lyra Hoop

Typically, users suspend aerial hoops via cables attached to one or two fixed or non-fixed points of a Lyra hoop. However, the X-POLE LyraPole, also known as an aerial hoop, is essentially a fixed Lyra hoop when utilized with our poles and stage—at that point it will require no suspension cables or harnesses to use. This makes it far more accessible to newcomers who are otherwise unfamiliar with aerial or Lyra hoops. Since we attach it to the top of a regular fitness pole, LyraPole users can incorporate some Lyra hoop poses and acrobatics into their standard pole fitness routine! You’ll need one of our X-STAGES to make use of this aerial hoop, however. This will allow you to lock your brand new LyraPole into both a fixed (newbie-friendly) or a spinning (advanced) position.