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Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Tape 30ft Roll

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$18.99 (26.12 CAD)

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Highly durable woven cotton cloth multi-use tape. Though Newbaum’s originally designed this tape for wrapping bicycle handlebars, aerial artists discovered this product worked well as grip tape on their equipment as well. So now we are making a 30-ft roll to make it more convenient to wrap aerial hoops / lyras.

– Made in the USA

– Uses eco-friendly dyes for a lower impact on the environment.

– Twill cotton weave is longer lasting and thicker than traditional athletic tape.

– Adhesive back for easy wrapping

– In 2 colors – black/purple

– 30 ft x 3/4″ roll

FOR AERIAL HOOPS: 3-4 rolls will usually handle a 37″ lyra hoop depending on how much overlap you prefer.


Black, Purple


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