Now you can combine hoop and pole in one routine; the Pole world has come full circle with the X-POLE LyraPole!


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Designed to satisfy both the poler and aerialist alike, the ‘Lollipop’ LyraPole combines both disciplines to produce a new type of artistry.

The LyraPole is available in 950mm and 1050mm hoop diameters and the hoop tube diameter is 34mm (just like our SPORT hoops). The LyraPole is made from high-grade steel and finished with a black powder coat.

The LyraPole is fully compatible with X-Stage poles 45mm Chrome, Stainless Steel or Powder coated products and is a great way to add a new dimension to your X-STAGE. The LyraPole will not work with Silicone or Brass poles.

The LyraPole is not compatible with the XST version of the X-STAGE; please check with generation X-STAGE you have before purchasing the LyraPole.

You will need an X-STAGE to attach this product – the X-STAGE/X-STAGE Lite is not included and must be purchase separately. Purchase your X-STAGE/X-STAGE Lite here.

In order to install the LyraPole you would need a minimum height of 9′ 6″ – please measure your ceiling height accurately before you make a purchase.

Check out our support page for help identifying which X-STAGE you have.

LyraPole at FIBO 2017

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