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Can I use a home mount in my studio?

No, we advise against this and instead recommend the Ball Mount for studio use

Can I use a trapeze on an A-FRAME?

No, we do not recommend using a Trapeze with the X-POLE A-FRAME

Can I make the A-FRAME wider?

Yes, we produce an extended top bar for the A-FRAME which is 2m long

How many people can use an A-FRAME at once?

A maximum of two people can use an A-FRAME at one time

How many people can use an X-STAGE/X-STAGE Lite at once?

A maximum of two people can use a X-STAGE/X-STAGE Lite pole at one time

How many people can use an XPERT Pro at once?

A maximum of two people can use a XPERT Pro pole at one time

How many people can use an XPERT at once?

A maximum of two people can use a XPERT pole at one time

How many people can use a SPORT at once?

A maximum of one person can use the SPORT pole at one time.

How do I put up a competition/dual lined two-piece pole?


How do I take down my X-STAGE/X-STAGE Lite?


What tools do I need to put up my pole?

All required hex keys are supplied with your pole set. Additionally, you will need a tape measure and a level.

How do I put the extended top insert into the ball mount?

  Home use does not need screw/washer attachment. This is only for studio use.

My X-JOINT is stuck

Ensure that the X-JOINT is fully contracted and then insert a broom handle or similar item in to the pole to force out the X-JOINT.

My adjuster is stuck

You may have tightened your adjuster screws onto the adjuster rod thread, causing damage to the thread in the process. We do offer a repair service. Please contact our technical team for advice on either [email protected] or +1-818-924-3576 and dial 110.

What comes in the X-STAGE Standard/X-STAGE Lite kit?

1 x Main Frame Carry Case, 1 x Main Stage Frame, 1 x 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Hex Key, Side Skirts (X-STAGE Standard only), Fixed Wheels (x2), 1 x Pole Case, 1 x X-STAGE A pole,1 x X-STAGE B pole, 1 x Bearing unit, 1 x 250mm X-JOINT, Instruction manual, 6 x stage floor plates and 2 x stage floor plates carry cases.

What comes in the XPERT Pro kit?

1 x XPERT Pro A pole, 1x XPERT Pro B pole, 1 x 250mm extension, 1 x Top Insert, 1x 125mm extension, 2 x 200mm X-JOINT (3 x 200mm X-JOINT's in a 40mm pole set), 1 x 180mm X-JOINT, base, upper dome, instruction manual and a 6mm Hex key.

What comes in the XPERT kit?

1 x XPERT A pole, 1x XPERT B pole, 1 x 250mm extension, 1 x Top Insert, 1x 125mm extension, 2 x 200mm X-JOINT (3 x 200mm X-JOINT's in a 40mm pole set), 1 x 180mm X-JOINT, base, upper dome, instruction manual, 5mm Hex Key, 6mm Hex key and a carry/storage cases.

What comes in the SPORT kit?

1 x SPORT A pole, 1x SPORT B pole, 1 x 250mm extension, 1x 125mm extension, foam padding, 2 x 200mm X-JOINT (3 x 200mm X-JOINT's in a 40mm pole set),1 x 180mm X-JOINT, articulating base, upper plate, instruction manual, Tightening/Releasing Tool, 6mm Hex key and a carry/storage case.

What kind of sand should I put in my sand bags?

Please use children's sand pit sand to fill the X-POLE sand bags

How do I change my X-STAGE from static to spinning?


How do I change my XPERT from static to spinning?


Can I use my X-STAGE pole without the stage base?

No, the X-STAGE pole set requires the X-STAGE base and bearing carrier to function.

Can I use my SPORT/XPERT/XPERT Pro on my X-STAGE?

No, SPORT, XPERT and XPERT Pro poles are not compatible with the X-STAGE bearing unit.

How do I add an extension?


How do I know what extensions I need?

You will need to measure from the floor to the ceiling in the place where you intend to use the pole and then review the appropriate height chart for the pole to ascertain what extension you will need to reach your desired height. This video shows you how to measure your floor to ceiling height: https://youtu.be/ADpGKKBl42Y

Do I need a ladder?

No ladder is required to set up any of our pressure mounted poles (SPORT, XPERT and XPERT Pro) or our freestanding poles (X-STAGE and X-STAGE Lite).

Can I adjust the height of the pole on my X-STAGE?

While the X-STAGE pole cannot be made taller, it can be made shorter by using an NE extension. Please contact our technical team for advice on either [email protected] or+1-818-924-3576.

Can I use new extensions with my old pole?

No you cannot. Extensions must match the year of the pole. If they do not, extensions will not fit correctly. In some instances you may be able to purchase an adapter. Please contact your local X-POLE office for more details.

Do you supply screws with your mounts?

Home Mounts are supplied with 4 x 5 x 40mm. Ball mounts do not come with screws.

What screws do I need for my mount?

This will depend on what type of mount you are using and to which type of material you drill. Go to your local hardware store for screw options. Please contact our technical team for further advice on either [email protected] or +1-818-924-3576.

What are the product weight limits?

Please speak to our technical team regarding weight limits

What kind of ceiling can I use an X-POLE on?

X-POLE pressure mounted poles can be installed in rooms with solid ceilings, or ceilings that have a joist or girder above them. Pressure mounted poles use pressure between the floor and ceiling to keep them stable. There is a possibility that damage could be caused to the ceiling.

What is an X-JOINT?


How do I measure my floor to ceiling height?


How long does it take to put up a pole?

Once you know the ceiling height, an X-POLE only takes minutes to put up and take down. The first time you put the pole up, you MUST read your manual first. This may take longer, but it will mean that you remember all the safety aspects when you put your X-POLE up!
 When you know how to do it, it's just a matter of working out which extension to use... and we have a chart for that!

Is the pole permanent?

All of our poles are completely removable and portable. With the pressure mounted system, you do not have to drill in to your ceiling or floor. You may need a permanent fixture (mount) if your ceiling is above 12 feet or have slanted ceiling, but the pole is still easily removable. For studio and gym use, we offer custom poles that can be portable or fixed. Please contact us for more info.

Will the pole leave marks on my ceiling?

Like the base, the ceiling dome has a soft, clear silicone ring around it. If this is kept clean and free from dirt/dust there is no reason it will mark a plasterboard or cement ceiling. We recommend wiping it down with baby wipes before installing to ensure it is clean and prevent transfer of dirt onto ceiling. If you have not cleaned the dome and it has transferred dirt onto the ceiling it can be cleaned off with sugar soap.

Will my pole damage my floor/ceiling?

The pole should leave no damage to a floor or ceiling, as long as it is used and maintained correctly! Please watch our installation video when your pole arrives, and the instruction manual has tips on how to maintain your pole. X-POLE poles have a soft, clear silicone pad around the base. This gives excellent adhesion to virtually any surface and also stops any damage. As with any pressure pole it is possible that marks may occur but these can be rubbed off.

Can I use my pole on carpet?

Using a pole on a carpet is fine, but remember that when you tighten the pole, the carpet will compress anywhere from 1/2-2 inches, so please be aware of this when measuring your ceiling and after initial set-up you may need to re-tighten.

What floors can X-POLE’s be used on?

X-POLE poles can be used on virtually any floor; wood, tile, carpet etc. If there is any doubt, please call our technical support department on +1-818-924-3576. Care needs to be taken on wooden floors which flex to make sure the pole is fully compressed.

Can I use my pole on slanted ceilings?

If you have slanted, vaulted or cathedral style ceilings you can use our XPERT Pro poles. This can be done by purchasing a vaulted ceiling mount. Unfortunately, SPORT poles do not have this option.

How much space do I need to use my X-POLE safely?

I have set up the XPERT/XPERT Pro set and the spin is uneven - what is wrong?

Check your manual first! The most common cause for this is the positioning of the ceiling dome and base, see pages 11-13 of your manual. Firstly, the dome must be positioned directly underneath a ceiling joist - with the joist lined up to run down the center of the dome. If the dome is off-center to the joist it will push up on one side when installed and cause an uneven spin. Secondly, the pole must be completely vertical - so the base must be positioned correctly underneath the dome. Use a spirit level if you are unsure if your pole is straight.

How do I locate joists?

Joists can be located by either tapping across the ceiling with a knuckle or with an electronic stud finder. With a knuckle you tap across until a more solid sound is heard - this is a joist or beam. A hollow sound is the space between the joists. A stud finder will locate the joist electronically (see what is a stud finder).