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Rock Exotica Rotator Shackle Swivel

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The Shackle Swivel saves valuable headspace by allowing you to connect webbing, eyes or thimbles directly to the swivel without a carabiner. The 3/8″ steel shackle bolt will also increase the longevity of the swivel when connected to steel carabiners or other steel components.

Size 3.8″ x 1.6″
Type Climbing / Rescue
Material Aluminum / Steel
Color Black / Silver
WLL (lbs) 1,124 (5 kN)
Breaking Strength (lbs) 8,093 (36 kN)
Inside Eye 1.2″W x 0.95″H
Jaw Opening 0.75″
Pin Diameter 0.37″
Approx. Weight (oz) 5.76